Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint via API – Part 2
A couple of days ago I published a quick article entitled Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint with API – Part 1. That article covered, as suggested by the excessively descriptive (:-)) title, how to use the Nutanix v3 APIs to launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint. In that article, I also said the article would be … Continued
Automated Application Deployment using Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK
What insight will you get after reading this blog: What is Nutanix Xi IoT?What is an Application in Nutanix Xi IoT context?Example use caseWhat is the Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK,  and How Can I install and Use It?How Can I deploy an Application on One or More Edges Programmatically?How Can I Programmatically Get the … Continued