Automated Application Deployment using Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK
What insight will you get after reading this blog: What is Nutanix Xi IoT?What is an Application in Nutanix Xi IoT context?Example use caseWhat is the Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK,  and How Can I install and Use It?How Can I deploy an Application on One or More Edges Programmatically?How Can I Programmatically Get the … Continued
Quick Tip: Xi IoT Community Forum
With Xi IoT an increasingly hot topic, we’re inviting our valuable community to chat directly with us.  If you have questions about Xi IoT as a product or if you just want to provide feedback, we’d love to hear from you in our Xi IoT Community Forum. The Xi IoT Community Forum answers some of the most frequ...
Nutanix Data Pipelines and AI for Developers
by Sai Nanduri, Engineer, Xi IoT R&D IoT edge computing is all about real-time analysis and understanding of how users are interacting with applications. In big data IoT scenarios, anything you can do to improve the transform stage in the extract, transform, load (ETL) process is going to be helpful because your edge data sources … Continued
Make the most of your Xi IoT Trial
Today, I believe that I speak for the entire Xi IoT team when I say that I’m proud to announce the release of the official Xi IoT Trial. The trial stands on the foundation of our latest platform release that delivers a wealth of new functionality for our customers. Xi IoT now provides pre-built applications … Continued
Nutanix Xi IoT Application Containers for Developers
by Heiko Koehler, Sr. Staff Engineer, Xi IoT R&D Edge computing with the Nutanix Xi IoT platform frees developers from the complexity of deploying edge devices and data streams and instead allows developers to focus on creating useful data analysis and transformation logic through easy to use Application Program Interfaces (APIs), reusable data pipelines, and … ...
Xi IoT: Build and Deploy Complex Apps at Planet-scale
Xi IoT Build and Deploy Complex Apps at Planet-scale PagesIoT With the right edge computing and IoT platform, deploying planet-scale edge intelligence can be straightforward, cost-effective, and a path to unprecedented innovation. Xi IoT enables developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services using a low-code development platform to create ...
Living on the Edge: OT and IT for AI and IoT
Industry 4.0 is is often used to describe the data-driven and AI-powered Smart Factory. The critical nature of such industrial applications cannot tolerate the WAN latency of the cloud, so any data must be processed locally at the Edge site where it’s generated from myriad IoT devices. In this scenario, Edge represents the intersection where teams … Continued
Deploying your first machine learning solution with Xi IoT
For those who are unfamiliar, at Nutanix, we market Xi IoT as:   A platform that delivers local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and cloud into one seamless data processing platform. The Xi IoT platform eliminates complexity, accelerates deployments, and elevates developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT … Continued
Nutanix Xi IoT: An Overview for Developers
by Rohit Goyal, Principal Product Marketing Manager, IoT Platform The Nutanix Xi IoT platform reduces the complexity of deploying edge computing solutions. It provides the developer with easy deployment through Docker containers, flexible data pipelines, reusable data transformation functions, a pluggable machine learning architecture and easy to use Application Program In...
Getting started with Xi IoT API
We believe, API is the primary mechanism for provisioning planet-scale IoT infrastructure and deploying AI/Edge Computing Apps. We are very excited to introduce Xi IoT API documentation so that you can automate your IoT infrastructure and application management tasks. The Xi IoT APIs follow RESTFul design. Here are quick tips to get started: 1. Create … Continued