Windows on the APIs – New Lab Available Now
In the past month or two we’ve published a couple of introductory labs. Based on PHP and Python, they’re a great intro into using the Nutanix APIs and can be found on the Nutanix Developer Portal Labs page. But … what if you aren’t a PHP or Python developer? We’ve just published a intro new … Continued
Using Nutanix Calm & HTTP Tasks
In part 1 of this mini series, Using Nutanix Calm & eScript, we simulated calling a third party API to get an IPAM-issued IP address. The intention behind that article was to look at something that’s more common than you might think – assigning an IP address to a VM in an environment that doesn’t … Continued
Getting started with Xi IoT API
We believe, API is the primary mechanism for provisioning planet-scale IoT infrastructure and deploying AI/Edge Computing Apps. We are very excited to introduce Xi IoT API documentation so that you can automate your IoT infrastructure and application management tasks. The Xi IoT APIs follow RESTFul design. Here are quick tips to get started: 1. Create … Continued
Why did we change our API documentation?
A year back when we were looking out to solve the API Reference puzzle, we knew for the fact that seamless automation, scalability, and ease-of-usage were the few corner stones on which we wanted to build the new ecosystem. The market is flooded with many new age API docs tool, but getting the right tool … Continued
Getting performance stats with the Nutanix API v2.0
One of the most common questions I get from my Nutanix colleagues, as well as customers and partners, is “How do I use the Nutanix APIs to get performance statistics?” Before we get started, please note this post is the second part in a two-part mini series. The first part, which is a recommended read … Continued
Nutanix API versions – What are they and what does each one do?
Nutanix API Intro When discussing the Nutanix APIs, it is important to consider the different versions that are available.  Let’s take a look at the versions that are available today.  As an intro, here is how Nutanix describes these APIs: “The Nutanix REST APIs allow you to create scripts that run system administration commands against … Continued