101 Setup – Preparing for Nutanix.dev Labs
The Nutanix Developer portal, simply known as Nutanix.dev, contains a collection of resources covering various developer topics. For example (each link will open in a new window/tab): Code samplesLabsBlog articlesAPI documentation However, many of our readers are new to development, APIs, code creation and the almost infinite amount of information related to these subjects...
Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint via API – Part 2
A couple of days ago I published a quick article entitled Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint with API – Part 1. That article covered, as suggested by the excessively descriptive (:-)) title, how to use the Nutanix v3 APIs to launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint. In that article, I also said the article would be … Continued
Nutanix Developer Portal – URL and design change
Since October 2016, the Nutanix Developer Portal has always lived at https://developer.nutanix.com. Today we are happy to announce the new home and name for the portal … nutanix.dev This change in URL will be transparent to you, our valuable customers and users. All existing links and bookmarks should redirect to their new homes on Nutanix.dev. … Continued
Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint via API – Part 1
Over the past few weeks and months a number of code samples have been added to the Nutanix Developer portal. Some of the languages they cover are as follows. PythonPowerShellC#Bash scripting At the time of writing this article, July 22nd 2019, the code samples include various actions. For example: Listing entities such as virtual machinesCreating … Continued
The Evolving Role of DevOps
DevOps is taking over, one team at a time. As the technological world has evolved, so has the need to transform businesses to bridge the gap in development and operations. During this transitional, transformational phase, it is critical that we consider all sides of the DevOps discussion by not only talking about it but by … Continued
Developer Economics Survey – Best Way to Test Your Skills
Here’s a brain teaser for you: What do 20,000+ developers in 165 countries working on Web, Desktop, Backend, IoT, Machine Learning and Data Science, AR/VR, and Game development have in common? The Developer Economics survey. One of the most popular surveys for developers, with an ever growing global community, that helps you test your skills … Continued
Automated Application Deployment using Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK
What insight will you get after reading this blog: What is Nutanix Xi IoT?What is an Application in Nutanix Xi IoT context?Example use caseWhat is the Nutanix Xi IoT Python SDK,  and How Can I install and Use It?How Can I deploy an Application on One or More Edges Programmatically?How Can I Programmatically Get the … Continued
The Five Hundred (500+ VMs via v3 API)
Whether it be virtual machines, files or even Acme Corporation Whatsits, querying a large set requires a little thought. Quick intro note – for the purposes of this article we’ll define large as more than 500 items, even though many environments are much larger. Consider the following basic scenario: A Nutanix environment with clusters running … Continue...
REST API Versioning – A Misunderstood Soul
There is a considerable amount of confusion and debate around the topic of versioning REST APIs. The opinions range all the way from don’t version your APIs (Roy Fielding) to version using HTTP headers to placing it in the URI and probably everything in between. Indeed, giants in the modern computing era like Microsoft, Amazon, … Continued