The Evolving Role of DevOps
DevOps is taking over, one team at a time. As the technological world has evolved, so has the need to transform businesses to bridge the gap in development and operations. During this transitional, transformational phase, it is critical that we consider all sides of the DevOps discussion by not only talking about it but by … Continued
Developer Economics Survey – Best Way to Test Your Skills
Here’s a brain teaser for you: What do 20,000+ developers in 165 countries working on Web, Desktop, Backend, IoT, Machine Learning and Data Science, AR/VR, and Game development have in common? The Developer Economics survey. One of the most popular surveys for developers, with an ever growing global community, that helps you test your skills … Continued
Developer Day at .NEXT has been deployed to production
Our inaugural Developer Day event happened May 7th, 2019 at the Anaheim Marriott as a prelude to the awesomeness that is .NEXT. This exclusive event would bring together some of our most technical customers and Nutantix folks for a jam-packed day of learning, discussions and hands on labs. Breakfast was served and the day started off … Continued
Introducing Our Developer Day Speakers
Listen to the experts! With less than 2 months away from Developer Day at .NEXT in Anaheim, CA, we are excited to announce the voices behind the event – our speakers! Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project We’ll be joined by Multiple award-winning CTO, researcher, entrepreneur and founder of Tripwire, Gene Kim! As a … Continued