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The API references shown here are the official documentation for the Nutanix REST APIs.  Please use these in conjunction with the code samples, blog posts and lab guides linked here.

In addition to the API reference, the NutanixDev GitHub code samples repo provides working code that implements the practices shown in the documentation.  You are welcome to use these code samples in any way you see fit, although they will need modification before being used in a production environment.

Product APIs


Core Nutanix cluster deployment tool, used to streamline the deployment of new and rebuilt Nutanix clusters.

PRISM v2.0

Current GA API, allowing read and write control over clusters and managed entities.


Intentful API intended for the management of both individual cluster and Prism Central instances. If in doubt, start here!


Xi Frame personifies choice in end user computing, a true multi-cloud approach to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).


Deploy intelligence at the edge. Xi IoT delivers AI-driven processing at the edge with a zero-touch software platform that powers real-time business insight and simplifies operations at planet scale.


The next release of public API documentation is just around the corner!


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